Old Town Bar Flat Rock Michigan

Flat Rock Our Hometown Featured Business.

Old Town Bar Flat Rock Michigan

Juanita and Walt have owned and operated Old Town Bar for thirty-two years!

Back in 1987, the previous owner offered the bar to Juanita and Walt with a deal they couldn’t pass up.
In 1988, they officially took over the bar. Now, after thirty-two years, they are still going strong.

The owners have felt the local ebb and flow of their customer base, with things a little slower now that many of the small factories around have closed. As a result, they don’t open at 7:00 am anymore.

Regardless,Juanita and Walt look back on their long history with fondness. Their employees have been with them for many years, with Juanita and Walt feeling blessed that most worked ten years or more at Old Town.

They are especially proud of their two boys, being a major part of bar operation through their help in cleaning, bar-tending, and parking lot maintenance. The owners attribute much of their son’s strong work ethic and determination to how they were raised and work they did as children.

The two of them feel very lucky for all the years of support and all the things they have been able to offer their sons and each other. Juanita reflected that the people of Flat Rock are “hardworking, good people, just everyday good people.” She has tried to show that support back by doing countless fundraisers for people who have fallen ill and are in need of help from their community.

But it’s not all family and business at Old Town Bar, Juanita has a Halloween party every year this being her thirty-first annual Halloween Party. Juanita and Walt joked that Juanita’s alter ego comes out that night, called Lola by the pair. Every Friday and Saturday, they have Karaoke, where Juanita is a big crowd pleaser in singing anything from Motown to country. At Old Town, she gets the singing started and the crowd takes over.

Visiting Old Town Bar, it is plain to see this is one of Flat Rock’s hidden gems. Juanita and Walt are genuine hardworking people. As many know, their bar burgers are the best around; fresh and cooked to order. People come from all around to get an Old Town Burger. The beer is cold and the company is great, so if you haven’t been, stop in.

Old Town is truly a great little place and you won’t be disappointed.

Monday-Saturday 10 am-2 am
Sunday 12 pm to 2 am

Located at:
27298 Telegraph Rd, Flat Rock, MI 48134

(734) 782-3801