Flat Rock Do it Center Hardware Store

Flat Rock Do it Center Hardware Store
Flat Rock Our Hometown’s featured business

Flat Rock Do it Center is a family owned business, run by Greg and Dave Langton. Greg’s grandfather started the business in 1960. Dave Langton took over the business in 1971. Greg has been managing the business for the last few years as his father, Dave, is semi-retired.

The family has always believed that “the customer always comes first”. This belief is shown as soon as you step into the door. They are very knowledgeable in all areas of the homeowners needs. If they don’t have the answer, they will find one. They have a long list of local contractors for all homeowner or commercial needs.

They have a large selection of hardware supplies: electric, plumbing, nuts, bolts, paint, garden supplies, the list goes on and on. They also have in house services including glass cutting, pipe cutting, screen repair, key cutting and lawn mower blade sharpening.

As the Flat Rock Our Hometown featured Business, Greg would like to thank all the regular customers for their support. To all the new customers, we can’t wait to meet you!
Please remember the Flat Rock Do it Center and support your local businesses and contractors!

Flat Rock Do it Center
26329 E. Huron River DR
Flat Rock, Michigan

Monday-Friday 8 am – 6 pm
Saturday 8 am – 5 pm