Flat Rock Our Hometown Featured Business.
B.Y.O.B, or Build Your Own Burrito

B.Y.O.B. is firstly a family business that opened three years ago here in Flat Rock. It is largely unknown that fifteen years ago the restaurant was Julio’s. The restaurant came upon difficult times for the owners, Maria and Sal, following a car accident that left their daughter, Krystal, paralyzed as a result. In response, the family only grew stronger in their efforts to provide Krystal the care and support she needed.
Their dedication is visible now in their efforts to create B.Y.O.B. twelve years after the event, testament to the perseverance of the family. Emanuel and Josue worked to open the restaurant again as B.Y.O.B. A year ago, Maria and Sal took over management of the restaurant. Maria comments, “I love Flat Rock… it’s the cutest little hometown. The community is so supportive.” When they were closed, Maria commented to the good nature of her Flat Rock neighbors to regularly check up on the property and the welfare of the family.
B.Y.O.B, or Build Your Own Burrito, offers many options, including, quesadillas, tacos, nachos.

Staying loyal to taco Tuesdays, they offer $1.25 corn tacos and $1.50 flour tacos.

B.Y.O.B. will be unveiling a new and improved menu next week. Support this amazing local business by checking out their new menu items and visiting them at the Taste of Flat Rock event on July 20th!

For those wanting to stay in, sample their new menu at home with Door Dash and Postmates.
B.Y.O.B- Build your own Burrito is located at

26068 Huron River Dr, Flat Rock, MI 48134
Hours: Tuesday-Friday 10:30am-8pm
Saturday 12pm-7pm
Closed Sunday and Monday
Phone: (734) 789-7104