Biggby Coffee in Flat Rock

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Biggby Coffee in Flat Rock
has only been here since 2016 but most everyone knows the owner, Diane Parker. Diane is either behind the counter helping customers, organizing a local event or at an event serving up Biggby Coffee. Diane has a large community presence and most people have noticed, Flat Rock Our Hometown sure has!

Diane decided to open Biggby Coffee because she wanted to make people happy. She had a long career as a Paralegal. People don’t come to see a lawyer when they are happy, so she shifted career directions and opened a Biggby franchise. Its fair to say, Diane fulfilled her goal and then some.

Diane said her decision to open in Flat Rock has been nothing but successful. Fellow business owners never treated her as a new kid but as an equal, embraced by the City, and of course the community patronage is huge. You can see the results of all this success with Biggby’s recent addition of their drive thru.

Biggby Coffee is a wonderful place to visit, get some great coffee, enjoy a warm, super friendly staff and Diane seems to know everybody. Diane credits her success to growing up with a father and brother who own businesses. She watched all the hard work, dedication and work ethic and it’s obvious it must run in the family because Diane’s work ethic is something to envy.

Most anytime you go to an event, Biggby Coffee is there. The Taste of Flat Rock and the Easter Egg Hunt were both Flat Rock Our Hometown events organized by Diane. We asked Diane why, and she replied that she gets great joy from “putting an event together and everyone is having fun…celebrating community” is what it’s all about. Biggby Coffee and Diane are such a welcome addition to businesses in Flat Rock, she truly has brought the community together, and has made our town a “happier place”!

So, if you haven’t been to Biggby Coffee, stop in, you’ll be happier for it!

Biggby Coffee is located at, 26614 Telegraph Rd, Flat Rock, MI 48134

Monday-Friday 5 am- 9 pm
Saturday 6 am – 9 pm
Sunday 7 am – 9 pm
Biggby Coffee is located at, 26614 Telegraph Rd, Flat Rock, MI 48134