Flat Rock Dairy Queen

Flat Rock Our Hometown Featured Business.
Flat Rock Dairy Queen.

Flat Rock Dairy Queen is Flat Rock Our Hometown’s featured business. With a rich family history and great pride of their long history of family and community, it is Flat Rock Our Hometown’s honor to feature them.
Flat Rock Dairy Queen has been owned and operated by three generations of the Hooks family. Wynn Hooks and her husband Rufe opened Dairy Queen in 1962. We had the distinct honor of meeting with the original owner, Wynn Hook’s, who told us that they had a family to raise and needed to make a living to do it and the Dairy Queen franchise was a perfect match, Wynn could bring her child to work and provide income for the family. Rufe worked as iron worker along with assisting in operations of the Dairy Queen business.
A strong family work ethic was an important part of the Hooks’s family. Rufe, a former pro baseball player who played for the St. Louis Browns, left baseball to join the service. Wynn raised their three children at Dairy Queen, their son Dennis who took over the business in 1979, has many fond memories. He remembers sleeping on the shelves in the back room, the shoe maker down the street, the fishermen crowded along the shore line of the Huron River. He even remembers when the Mill caught fire, he said the fire spread and burnt part of Dairy Queens façade. Dennis and his ex-wife raised their three children Brandi, Denny and Scott while operating Dairy queen.
Just like Dennis, Brandi, the current manager, has fond memories of growing up in the business. Brandi said she started working at such a small age, she used a milk crate to service customers. Brandi took over full operations of the business in 2016, and her dad Dennis will receive his 40 years in business plaque from Dairy Queen Corporation this year.
The pride that this family feels for their business and their longevity is amazing. They are three generations of family that love their family, business and the community. I asked them all what they liked about Flat Rock. They all agreed, “good people, loyal, and what more could they ask for?” Brandi said one of her favorite things is to watch babies turn into young adults, graduate, go off to college, get married and bring their babies back for some DQ. Wynn summed it up best, “It’s a good days work, it’s a good life.”
Flat Rock Dairy Queen is great, what more can you say. They have ice cream! They are open when its warm. The family is awesome. Their employees are happy, they come back year after year to serve up the tasty treats. Lastly, they donate each year to the Children’s Miracle Foundation. Dairy Queens’ free cone day is donation-based. Each franchise gives out free cones and any money made is given goes to the Children’s Miracle foundation. Mark your calendars as this year July 25th is Miracle treat day and Dairy Queen will donate a $1 for every Blizzard order.
Please stop by and visit Flat Rock Dairy Queen, you will not be disappointed. They truly serve up those tasty treats with love. They even make all their dilly bars, buster bars and ice cream sandwiches in house!
Dairy Queen located at:
28918 Telegraph Rd, Flat Rock, Michigan
and is open 7 days a week
from 11am-10pm
from March to October.
(734) 782-9838
Editor’s Note: The person who interviewed Flat Rock Dairy Queen noted that they were truly grateful to receive this honor. It made her feel great to be a part of Flat Rock Our Hometown and she had a lot of fun listening to the family members. Her exact words, “Today, I LOVE Flat Rock Our Hometown. Businesses like Flat Rock Dairy Queen make this all worth doing!” Get involved with you community today! www.flatrockourhometown.com or find us on Facebook!