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Strands Salon & Barber Shop has a long history of influence with hair.
The building has been a beauty or a barber shop in Flat Rock since the early 1900s.

Many Flat Rock residents may remember it as Ralph Cameron’s Club Barber Shop in the 1950s and 1960s. Continuing this history of hair care in Flat Rock,

Strands Hair Salon and Barber Shop opened in 1997 at 26318 E. Huron River Dr. Flat Rock.

Strands is a family owned business, run by Ginny Sims and Shayla Hopper. Ginny started Strands in 1979 in Grosse Ile Michigan. She moved Strands to Flat Rock in 1997. Ginny fell in love with the history of the building and Flat Rock, it was the perfect location. Both the community and the building embodied her beliefs, a strong work ethic, loyalty, family, and a long colorful history.

Ginny has been in the hair business for fifty-three years, apprenticing five hairdressers and hiring countless new graduates and training them. She has been a small business owner for thirty-nine years and is semi-retired now.

Ginny’s daughter, Shayla, manages most of the day to day. Shayla has been in the salon her whole life and carries on the family business beliefs and values every day at Strands. Recently celebrating her mom’s 50th anniversary in the hair care business, Shayla said, “Personally, I have never met anyone who has cared more about her staff or clients then my mom. Of course, I am biased, she’s my mom. But I have been in this business for twenty-two years and know she is unique. She treats people so kindly, she always told me that everyone’s money is green, never treat the CEO or homeless man any different, they come her to feel and look good. This comes from a woman who started out in Grosse Point Shores Michigan styling Mrs. Eleanor Clay Ford’s (Henry Ford’s daughter in law) hair, now she’s in hometown Flat Rock. In fifty years, she’s never swayed from that belief.”

Strands recently restored the building to its original historical design from the 1800s. Shayla said, “The building’s history has influenced us, and we hope to live up to that history while maintaining our own originality.”

Strand Hair Salon & Barber shop has very talented hairstylists, Renae has been with Strands for eight years, she is their top stylist, she offers an array of color, razor cuts, precision cuts, and clipper cuts.

Emily, their newest stylist, is exceptional with fantasy color.

Strands now has a Barber, Gail, with forty-one years’ experience she offers men’s haircuts with straight razor around the ear and neck shaves, and straight razor face shaves.

They also have an apprentice, Melanie who is extremely talented and can offer hair color and cuts at a discounted price.

Strands Hair Salon & Barber Shop can be reached at 734-782-6590

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Tuesday 8 am – 7pm
Wednesday 8 am – 5 pm
Thursday 8 am – 8 pm
Friday 8 am – 6 pm
Saturday 10 am -4 pm

Strands 26318 E. Huron River Dr. Flat Rock.
Strands 26318 E. Huron River Dr. Flat Rock.
Strands 26318 E. Huron River Dr. Flat Rock.