Liberty Tax Services

Shahbaz Hussain (he likes to go by Hussain) owns and operates Liberty Tax Service located at 26654 Telegraph Road in Flat Rock. He owns 3 Liberty Tax Service locations in Flat Rock, Dearborn and Taylor. Hussain is he is very quiet, humble and extremely sweet. He is a family man, he talked quite a bit about his family, wife and 2 children. Unfortunately, he just got back from India as his father just passed.

Sitting down to discuss his business being chose for the featured business, Hussain was so appreciative. When asked why he chose to open in Flat Rock, Hussain said that he loved the small town, he grew up in a similar setting with very close family and Flat Rock reminded him of a close, family community. He liked that people all knew each other and the community supported each other.

Hussain has been in business for 10 years. He started working with his father-in-law at Liberty Tax Service 13 years ago. He said he has always loved accounting, numbers, he just loves math. Hussain and his wife both love accounting. His wife helps him a great deal. She helped run all three business while he was in India for his father’s funeral.

Waiting for Hussain to finish with his customer, we noticed how patient and helpful he was. We all know how painful taxes are and Hussain really makes it a pleasant experience. He also is very persistent about having coffee and treats! Hussain is a perfect fit for Flat Rock and brings a welcomed service to our community. The staff is family-oriented, friendly, and hardworking.

Liberty Tax Services, provides tax services from personal taxes to corporate taxes.

Liberty Tax Services
26654 Telegraph
Flat Rock, MI 48134

Tax Time-January thru April
Monday-Friday 9-7pm
Saturday 10-5pm
Sunday 12-5pm